"They make fuck-you crayon rock. At its best, their debut is a little bit freaky and more than a little bit funny." - Pitchfork

"The Brooklyn band’s debut is called Yarn the Hours Away, an evocative phrase that perfectly describes the conversational drift of its music — guitars pinging through the air, drums ambling at odd angles, voices building off each other in a lovely, ensnaring chatter." - Rolling Stone

"Brooklyn band sound like a mosh pit in a ball pit full of skittles on their distinctive debut album" - BrooklynVegan

"Foyer Red’s compositions can feel like a frenetic exchange between over-stimulated minds." - SPIN

"It’s a roller coaster ride from start to finish that keeps you completely engaged and on the edge of your seat." - Paste

"In less than three years, Foyer Red has carved out a wonderfully weird niche for itself in the New York City rock scene, merging pastel-tinted psych pop and hectic prog." - NPR

"It’s a great introduction to a band whose wonky pop songwriting blends with surreal lyricism and moments of alt-rock mayhem." - FADER

"It’s got a nice sense of shambling, warm weirdness to it, like if Pavement and Deerhoof and Letters To Cleo had somehow become the same band." - Stereogum

"Foyer Red create music that’s fascinating from a compositional perspective, an ever-shifting riot of color that does its best to disorient and delight in equal measure." - FLOOD